Jo Richards (Master Loctitian, Drum Circle Facilitaor, Sound therapist)

Jo is a Well being Mentor, Environmental Scientist, Music therapist and Yoga Teacher she has been teaching drumming Internationally to children in hundreds of schools around the UK since 2002. She was the Djembe Tutor for Music Services UK and trained with Arthur Hull of Village Music Circles California. “Drumming is easy to learn and teach but most importantly it is FUN! My workshops are designed to be enjoyable and help build confidence around playing the drums with others, to help with physical coordination, learn to follow direction, enjoy community and feel a little unity and empowerment when playing together.

I first experienced the hand drum in Ireland, and then the djembe in Senegal as a teenager whilst studying for my degree and kept hand drumming as a hobby, learning from my friends until I started working in community in 2000, drumming and singing with Womens groups, Suicide Prevention groups, Cancer Groups, Addiction Groups, Special Needs and Mental health Groups, not just teaching Rhythms but facilitating healing & connection through Singing, Dancing and free form Drum Circles.

My favorite part is watching the faces of a group of people who are of common mind and purpose come together and harmonize with each other through singing and drumming, the room fills with smiles and uplifting energy and it creates a wonderful force that solidifies the group. We are natural creators and get so many benefits from drumming in a group and being allowed to make lots of noise and find our own heart beat.

My family heritage & further travels around the world have taught me much about healing with the drum, i offer a shamanic drumming event once a year so that others can come and learn from my experiences how to connect with and use their medicine drums.

On a more relaxing and meditative mode I have integrated my Yoga teaching practice with Sound Therapy and hold regular Sound Baths in South Australia.