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DreadlocksDrums Certified Training Course

“Dear Jo, I want to express my gratitude & thank you for being such a beautiful & inspiring soul. I left your course energised & excited to begin a new adventure in my life & appreciate your warmth & guidance throughout my journey. So grateful to have crossed your path & to have had this opportunity to learn from you. Also compliments to the chef for the delicious lunches provided. Amazing experience”​ – Melanie

“Jo’s Loctician course was absolutely fantastic on so many levels. She is an incredibly conscious, caring & knowledgeable woman. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her & learn form her. She is extremely experienced in the art of dread making, maintaining & all the things related to dreadlocks & more. Her Home/Studio teaching environment is second to none, with its incredibly inviting warm & loving vibes. I am so great full to have been led to her for many reasons. I couldn’t be happier with my new set of skills! She has made me feel confident about starting my own business and creating my own art in the form of dreadys. Jo is also providing us Padewan Locticians with ongoing support, advice & friendship which I am incredibly grateful for. Thank you Jo You “Dread-Eye Master”Thalia

“Thanks Jo for a wonderful weekend and all the practise time after, I’m really enjoying working for myself and setting up my own home studio. Its been life changing for me being able to do this from home your so knowledgable and explain everything so well. I cant wait to get my speed up and make really tight dreads like yours”Kelly

“Such a great course, so relaxed and everyone was gorgeous. Ive already made back what i spent on the course. Your not under any pressure which i liked as Jo lets you finish the modules in your own time which is great as i need the flexibility with my kids. I also liked the on going support and the referrals which have been a great help. Thanks Jo”Linda

“I had a wonderful weekend learning the art of dreadlock making, meeting new people and enjoying some yummy food. This course helped me create a successful dreadlock studio of my own! Thankyou Jo!”Nadine