Strengthen Your Team Environment With Our Drumming Workshops

There’s no better way to bring your staff together than by using rhythms played on the African Drums, Boom Whackers and Hand Percussion. This can be a great treat for your employees to celebrate great work progress or can be tailored to help teams to listen and work together.

Our team building drumming workshops are ideal for conferences, meetings, seminars, product launches and icebreakers. These workshops enhance communication, cooperation and staff unity.

Our rhythm workshops require everyone to listen and work together to gain a common goal. Each player has an equally important part that contributes to the overall rhythm. Our highly trained facilitators will have your team playing in unison and connecting on a whole new level. 

From 60 minutes through to whole day sessions, you will find our activities engaging and memorable.
See Package # 1 – Energize

Team Drumming taps into peoples core energies, sharpening listening focus, concentration and risk-taking. In practice, delegates see an array of drums and percussion instruments when they walk into the room. 

Depending on group size, the team may be divided to learn different rhythms, before combining them as a whole. The result is a powerful sound that gives participants a real sense of achievement and crucially leaves them with the knowledge that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Boom Whackers are tuned percussion instruments, plastic tubes between one and four feet long. You create a musical sound by holding the tube in one hand and whacking it with the other, groups can have lots of fun and the aim of these are to work on team and personal coordination, help develop listening skills and increase alertness, all vital for the work place.

Drumming Dance Fusion – Includes a willingness to take risks, something that is increasingly important for many business, a better understanding of the benefits of groups participation and the celebration of team spirit. 

During the event delegates are able to get a real taste of African movement put together with African Drumming and singing.

Boost Team Morale – The experience of drumming together removes social barriers in a non intimidating and fun atmosphere. Participants relax, gain enthusiasm and the necessary confidence to fully participate. The act of group drumming engenders an enhanced sense of well being and connectedness amongst delegates helping them get to know each other better and provide a common experience to talk about.

Drumming together inspires a sense of connection and celebration, as participants open themselves through contact with music.  It creates an instant sense of joy, accomplishment and gratification boosting confidence, enthusiasm and morale. People start to feel good about themselves by becoming a part of something special.

Creative Conflict Resolution – Launch your conflict resolution strategy to the beats of unity. Drumming together requires in the moment focused awareness that releases feelings of tension, mind stress, and negativity. An inclusive, instant feel good activity it helps participants build valuable skills for processing and communicating and channelling emotions as well as improving their overall mood and work efficiency.

Drumming together levels the playing field, breaks down the barriers that hinder growth, releases constricted energy and communication potential and allows participants to review themselves. The positive energy and environment of trust and openness, clarity of thought and positive communication that results is the perfect platform to launch your conflict resolutions or anti industry bullying strategy.

Here is what one organisation said about our Team Building sessions:

“Thank you Jo for a memorable experience and for the ‘take away’ key learnings. The Team Building event today with Drumming Jo from Dreadlock Drums was simply fantastic!

  • “Everybody has their own rhythm and works in different way, but we are all working toward the same goal and get there in the end”
  •  “The need to listen to each other is so important if we are going to achieve the desired outcome”
  • “Taking turns and being confident in taking the lead or being a leader is encouraged & supported”
  •  “Smiling and enjoy what we are doing makes for light work”
  •  “The power of being present – Watching, learning and applying without speaking is so powerful”
  •  “Being open to change and trying new things”
  •  “Making each and everybody feel like they are in a safe and supported environment”

 I’m sure there are many more… Let’s continue team to carry this theme on and strong into our working environment!”