Drumming Workshops Are Perfect For Primary/Secondary Schools

We provide culturally inspired workshops using African drums called djembe’s and other mixed drums and hand percussion.

Our workshops are designed to lift the profile of music in your school so that everyone can experience the thrill of making music together in a group.  Your school will receive a Music Certificate and some of the Children will receive awards.

Suitable for both Primary, High and Special Educational Needs Schools, our Drumming Workshops provide a holistic experience that will enable all of your children to be involved regardless of age or ability. 

Drumming has been used for centuries in most cultures and can provide a great opportunity to enhance many of the topics that are covered within the school curriculum.

In the Drumming Workshop children will learn about how the drum was used traditionally and also how it relates to the modern rhythms heard today. Using a variety of different sized instruments they will also create a large ensemble, making it an ideal group activity.

Throughout the sessions children will learn through the use of call and response to understand how the drum works. An African drumming workshop can be incredibly rewarding and inspirational for all involved

  • Improves teamwork and communication skills
  • Builds confidence
  • Increase Cultural awareness and cohesion
  • Creates appreciation for diversity
  • Therapeutic (Stress buster)

These workshops can be designed to be high energy, ensuring children are engaged throughout the sessions and at the end of the day all participants come together for an amazing performance.

A typical Drumming Workshop consists of up to six sessions throughout the day, which culminate in an engaging ensemble performance at the end allowing children to demonstrate the exciting new skills they have learnt

Drumming In Primary Schools

Our structured children’s workshops are suited to all ages and abilities they promote class cohesion, participation, teamwork and help to develop co-ordination, focus, confidence and musicality. They can be tailored to meet your schools particular needs and curriculum requirements so if you need a one off single class workshop, if the class just need a little fun to help them all get along, or a whole school day for Harmony day or for classes to work towards a performance for a school assembly or music ensemble night we can provide all the instruments and tuition needed.

Drumming In OSHC 

Young children love bashing a drum so our workshops are fun, interactive and engaging.  We encourage learning through play and movement so that both left/right brain are engaged to help the development of gross/fine motor skills.  We introduce the children to the drums and let them touch and feel as much as they like, we encourage them to dance to the beat and enjoy the sessions.  We can also provide craft sessions such as making and decorating drums shakers and masks.

Drumming In Secondary Schools

Great for Social Inclusion or enrichment days for the students, every person has an instrument and we get everyone to join in and create and play together encouraging and empowering individuals to lead and facilitate a session.

Our Classroom Packages

Various School Packages are available, all packages include one facilitator and all instruments so that each child has their own drum to play for the session.  There is an additional charge for additional facilitators and we can also tailor a package to suit your needs for example if you have over 30 pupils per group.

Full day Option – 45 minute classes, 3 Classes per day of up to 30 students + 2 facilitators. Total $4,000 per day.

1 Hour Option –  1 class of up to 30 students with 30 drums and 1 facilitator costs a Total of $600 per hour.  The hour can be broken up into 2 x 30 min sessions.

Our facilitators are all police checked and cleared to work with children
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