Our Dreadlock Prices and Services

Dread Maintenance – Master Loctician (Jo)

Crochet Method Roots & Regrowth:

  • $75 per hour during the week
  • $85 per hour during weekends/public holidays.

Afro Hair Re-twist:

  • $75 per hour

(Dread maintenance with a trainee loctician is $60 per hour)

Dreadlock Installation (using own hair, no extensions)

Installation cost is $110 plus hair length (measure hair from crown to tip)

  • Full Head (20-30cm) – $555
  • Full Head (30-40cm) – $655
  • Full Head (40-50cm) – $755
  • Full Head (50-60cm) – $855
  • Full Head (60-70cm) – $955
  • Full Head (70-80cm) – $1005

Dread Hawk or Dread Mullet installation starting from $355 – $555

(Additional costs will incur if hair is very thick and/or long)

Dreadlock Extensions

Full Head with Human hair (30-40cm extension) – $1,805

Full Head with temporary synthetic extension – $1,005

(Half heads are 50% the price of full heads. Both incur a standard install fee of $110)

NB: A deposit of $110 is required for all new installs. This comes off the final price and is non refundable for cancellations.

Due to high demand and limited studio space we operate on an appointment only system. The dread chair is always full however you can drop in for a chat or to pick up beads, shampoo and decorations. 

​Please always show up for your appointment with clean, dry and unconditioned hair. Please wash your hair once a month with a Dreadlock Shampoo and of course… Don’t come if you have head-lice.

We are always booked up at least a month in advance so please allow yourself time. Alternatively we can add you to the cancellation list or we can recommend another quality DreadlockDrums Certified Loctitian for you if your window of time is limited.​

If you are interested in becoming a DreadlocksDrums Certified Loctician please enquire about our Training Courses that run twice a year from our permaculture farm in beautiful Hindmarsh Valley in South Australia.