Experience The Wonderful Healing Powers Of Drumming Today

Group Sound Bath

We run regular Sound Bath Immersions on the Solstices & Equinox’s to celebrate the seasons. Depending on the weather and participants they are held outside in Nature or in the yoga studio. See events page for more details. We use the Medicine drum, crystal singing bowls, gong, digeridoo, voice and much more to guide you into a relaxed state of consciousness for you to access your inner healing power. We also offer a private mobile services for up to 20 participants ideal for yoga trainings and retreats.

Individual Sound Therapy Sessions

These 60 minute non invasive one on one sessions are run from Hindmarsh Valley. They are a form of sensory therapy where individual sounds and frequencies are played over the body to highlight and shift any blockages in energy to help one feel at ease.

When we are healthy we have a lot of energy. When we are sick our energy is low or depleted.

Just listening to upbeat music can energize a sick person. When we exercise we feel energized because the energy of our bodies has been activated through breath, movement and rhythm. This is the same as what the drum can do.
See Package # 4 – Sound Bath & Meditation

Medicine Drum House Clearing

If your feeling that there is blocked negative energy in your home for whatever reason we provide a cleansing service using Medicine Drum and Smudging. 

This can help on many levels for example  if you are moving into a new home or business premises, if there has been a history of sadness, violence or negativity on the land, or you think there may be entities etc, whatever your interpretation or belief we can help you to restore balance.

The drum has been used spiritually by many cultures around the world including

  • Celts
  • Tibetans
  • Mongolians
  • American Indians

Medicine Drum Space Clearing $350

Medicine drumming is now proven by modern science to have a therapeutic and healing effect… Click Here To Read Article 

We combine Reiki and Drumming as a way of introducing a deep relaxation  which can help to release blocked emotions and physical tension by helping the brain to relax into the alpha brainwave state.

Reiki Drumming involves the practitioner drumming over the clients body. Click Here To Read Article