Fun, energising and inspirational experiences for everyone. 

Our mobile djembe school delivers Drumming themed workshops in your local area to schools, community groups, mental health groups and businesses.

We have been privileged  to work with a range of organisations, large and small, Educational Establishments, Charities, Private and Public Sector.

The beauty of the drum is that you don’t have to be a “drummer” to play one! You don’t need to read music either, and even if you have physical disabilities we adapt a drum for you.

Our new workshop sets are designed for Mental Health Groups and include the use of Yoga Breathing techniques and the Native American Indian Drum.

We use low beats per minute to bring down the heart rate and give clients tools to help them self regulate their emotions and become less reactive.

Come to us at our Big Shed or we can come to your venue.

package #1

One hour session of uplifting drumming and singing. A great introduction to our workshops.


package #2

Half-day customised drumming session including yoga, meditation and sound bath.


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(NB: All workshops will be Invoiced for payment. Cancellations will incur a 10% fee if no deposit has been paid)