Hello There! Welcome To The World Of DreadlockDrums

Hello there and welcome to the world of DreadlocksDrums. The one and place for all things Dreadlocks and Drums.

Chief Mama Jo Richards formed DreadlocksDrums all the way back in 1989 and since then, she has established DreadlocksDrums as a global dread making business and dreadlock training school.

Currently situated in the beautiful Hindmarsh Valley, DreadlocksDrums specialises in dreadlock artistry, including the creation, design and maintenance of funky looking dreadlocks.

The dreads that are used are CRUELTY FREE, ETHICALLY SOURCED and VEGAN FRIENDLY plus, DreadlocksDrums is LGBTQIA+ friendly – One Love To All!

For more information about DreadlocksDrums and what it can do for you, contact Jo either via the contact page or by phone on 0498 665 655.

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